Precision diamond scriber for manual wafer scribing

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This reliable Diamond Scriber performs fast, easy and precise scribing and cutting of silicon wafers, as well as thin- and thick film ceramic and glass substrates. It forms the grooves necessary for effective glass or ceramic cutting: shallow, even and coninuous. All essential operating parameter - the angle of the scribing tool, the scribing force, the touchdown point and the lift up point of the tool are precisely adjustable to ensure optimal flexibility and repeatable results. The scriber has got a rotatting Z table with universal vacuum chuck for any size wafers up to 8" dia or ceramic substrates up to 8" x8 ".

The scribing tool touches down the substrate or wafer surface on an adjustable touchdown point and is automatically lifted after leaving the scribing area. The lift-up point is adjustable too. The lowering and lifting of the tool can also be performed manually.

Technical Data:

  • for wafer size up to 8" or substrate size 200 x 200 mm
  • X/Y adjustment by micrometer screw and X-Y table
  • Vision-alignment System (camera with 5 Megapixel)
  • with integrated vacuum pump and chuck
  • Dimension: 400 x 500 x 352 mm
  • Weight: 25 kg


  • Precision diamond scriber for manual wafer scribing

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