Reflow Solder oven for substrate size up to 200 x 200 mm up to 650 C

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gas line
Pressure measurement
Vacuum pump
Cooling system
Formic Acid trap
Hydrogen option
Additional Thermocouple
Moisture measurement
Pat Light

Product code: RSO-210

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Reflow Solder OvenTechnical Data RSO-210:

  • Loading area (max. part size): 200x200x40mm (WxDxH)
  • Quartz glass tray (fix mounted), incl. graphite susceptor
  • with integrated gas- in- and outlet
  • 1 Mass Flow Controller fr Nitrogen 5 nlm is standard
  • heated by 12 Infrared lamps ( 9kW)
  • bottom heating
  • vacuum for external pump system (up to 10exp.-3 hPa, optional RSO-200-HV up to 10exp-6 hPa)
  • SPS controller, SIMATIC
  • 50 programs with 50 steps each storable
  • 7" Touch Panel for comfortable programming and process control   
  • Ethernet interface
  • Max. Temperature: 650 °C
  • Ramp up rate: better 10 K/Sec
    Ramp down rate: T=600°C to 400°C max. 200 K/min
    T=400°C to 100°C max. 30K/min
  • Temperature control by thermocouple
  • Cooling: Water cooling required (option)
  • Electrical connection: CEE 16 A (3x230V, 3 Phase, +N, +PE)
  • Weight: about 55 kg
  • Dimension: 505mm x 504mm x 460mm

Options and accessories:

RSO-210 Basic system with high vacuum pump up to 10xp-3 hPa (pump not included)
RSO-MFC Gas line with mass flow controller, max. 4 gas lines 
H2 / Flame-off optional use of pure Hydrogen with flame off unit
Hood L  Safety hood when using pure hydrogen
RSO-PC-xx add,. process chamber , to be used with one controller, parallel working of both chambers is not possible 
RTP200-QC Quartz chamber (recommended when formic acid is used)
RTP200-QTGT-206mm Quartz tray for grahite susceptor  206mm
RTP200-GT-201mm Graphite susceptor for 200x200mm substrate size
RSO-TC add. thermocouple to measure on the substrate  (max. 2)
WC III closed loop water cooling system


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