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Programmable hot plate with integrated high precision Eurotherm controllerand vacuum hold for 2 pc 100mm wafer/substrrate size

Applications examples:Reflow Soldering of flat componentsPreheating of heavy parts for solderingAnnealingCuring of photoresists and epoxies Laboratory tests

Cover with viewing window and connection to exhaust for solvents

Technical Data:

accepts 2 pieces 100mm wafers parallel
heated area: 220 mm x 155 mm
Part fixture: 2 vacuum holes in the heated plate
Temperature Range: up to 250 °C
Ramp-up rate: max. 25 K/min
Ramp-down rate: max. 10 K/min
Cool down: controlled cool down
Programming: programmable with up to 16 segments (heating and cooling)
Interface to PC: USB interface and PC-Windows Software (as option) for programming, program administration and monitoring
Cover: with cover protection for connection to exhaust (solvent vapors) (height under cover: 80mm)
Leveling feet: adjustable


Hot Plates
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