Plasma Cleaning & Heat: PTP-300

Universal temperature and plasma cleaning machine with maximum part loading area: 305 mm x 305 mm (25 mm max. part height)


  • Activation, cleaning and coating of surfaces
  • fast ramp up heating of substrates and wafers
  • fluxless soldering
  • flip chip processing
  • adhesive bonding
  • Solder bump reflow
  • Soldering of power devices
  • small series production and prototype development

Technical Data PTP-300:

Loading area: 305 mm x 305 mm x 25 mm (process area)
Chamber height: 35 mm
Chamber material: Aluminium / quartz glass
Chamber material (optional): Aluminium or quartz glass process chamber (size: 305 x 305 x 26 mm)
Dimension outside: 600 mm x 1850 x 880 mm (WxDxH)
Chamber: integrated gas inlet / 2 gas lines are default
Gas lines: 2 Mass Flow Controllers
Vacuum: DN25 KF vacuum flange
Heating: 24 infrared lamps (total 18 kW)
Process control by: SPS Controller PP420 (B&R) with LCD display
Maintenance: Ethernet
Microwave generator: for plasma cleaning or removal of oxyde resists 2,45 GHz, max. 600 W, stepless from 100 W to 600 W
Cooling: water cooling required (water cooler optional)
Power: 3/N/PE; AC; 50/60 Hz; 230/400 V
Weight: 150-200 kg (depends on acessories)

Options and accessories:

PTP-AL Automatic Loading
PTP-MFC Mass Flow Controller
PTP-RPP Double stage rotary vane pump for vacuum up to 10-3 mbar
PTP-HVP Turbomolecular pump with gate valve and Pirani gauge for vacuum up to 10-6 mbar
PTP-WC Closed loop water cooling system


General Information about Plasma technology
Acrobat Reader PDF plasmageneral.pdf (681 KB)
Acrobat Reader PDF PTPMay2011.pdf (215 KB)
Typical Plasma applications
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