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Safety Hood

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Universal safety labor hood , Size L 

This safety hood is a security hood which meets all necessary regulations for the safe handling of e.g. hydrogen gas, formic acid, ammoniac or other critical gases or fluids. The hood allows the protection against outgazing and also protection against explosion. The hood is ideal in combination with our ovens when pure hydrogen is used.

The floor mounted hood is equipped as standard with

● Transparent side walls
● SIMATIC© controller with 7” touch panel
● Exhaust pipe
● Safety step 1: Pneumatic function for closing the door
● Safety step 2: light curtain for stopping the transparent closing door due to unproper intervention
● With integrated service cart: this allows to pull out the oven platform and allows
● Easy access to the installation inside of the hood
● Either fix mounted feet or rolls can be chosen


The following options are available • Seismic fixture of all feet of the safety cabinet • Signal tower for status • Hydrogen option: with Hydrogen sensor mounted in the hood for detection of outgazing Hydrogen • Gas box with mass flow controller for Hydrogen mounted inside the hood • Gas box with mass flow controller for Hydrogen and Oxygen use • Flame-off unit for use of Hydroge

Technical specification:
This safety cabinet is suited e.g.  for vacuum process systems with process gas line for pure hydrogen (H2) gas
Hydrogen Safety Hood (top section):
The safety cart in bottom section can be upgraded with a Universal Heat Exchanger 
Dimensions: 1000 mm x 1000 mm x 2000 mm (W x D x H)
Weight: about 175 kg (including service cart, without UHE and gas box)